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price for residential window washing Ithaca, NY

Many home owner are accustomed to cleaning their own windows with the traditional method of a few rolls of paer towels and windex. This is a method that will consume alot of time as well as materials. Before mmy wife and I met she would regularly clean her windows with this method it would take her more than a full day and she would fill a trash be with paper towels. It also would tire her out to painfullyy keep chasing streaks left behind. After she came to know of this method she realized the ease and efficientcy of window cleaning this way. Window washing with this technique does take some practice but once mastered its a breeze. Most homme owners are not interested in cleaning their own wndows for a number of reasons. The bigest question that any one who may look into having their windows washed professionally is how much would it cost? There are many factors that play a big part in pricing. Typically in the Ithaca, NY area the average may be somewhere between 145.00 to 380.00 and in some more rare instances it could exceed 500.00 this would be the case of a very large hoe with many windows that may also be custom made large and out of arms reach. Windows are usually priced out per pane of glass. Again many factor play a role in washing different windows for example are there french panes, double hung, storm windows, screens, surrounding obsticles and how dirty are they. When I price out windows I would say that on average the price per window come to around 5.00 for both the inside and outside to be cleaned. So when you consider a home that has approximately 20 windows that comes to 200.00 for a cleaning. This can give any homeowner or any one who is interested in having their windows cleaned a better idea of total price. If  you would like a free estimate for window cleaning at your home or business around the Ithaca, NY area please give Dynnamic Cleaning Solutions a call, we'd be happy to help.

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