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Why clean my window screen? Ithaca, NY.

If you have spent time cleaning your own windows you are likely to know that there is a great amount of time and energy that goes into getting your window to have that clean sparkling appearance. while cleaning your window you may have noticed that the screens were cover in dust, bugs and other unidentified forms of debris. A good professional residential window cleaning company should be fully equipped to clean the dirtiest screens to match the beauty of your cleaned glass. Keeping your screens cleaned often is just as important as having your windows washed and heres why. Screens are often composed of either aluminum or a composit vinyl material both of these materials are suseptable to wear from weather, etc. As the owner and operator of Dynamic Cleaning Solutions I've seen alot of dirty windows and screens. Screen really do take a lot of abuse from outside elements. Vinyl screen typically will dry out and begin to loose their dark finish. In the case of cleaning and restoring the screens that are of vinyl aterial we use a long lasting protectant that will bring back the original luster and also protect the screens from wind and sunn damage as well as making different forms of debris harder to become lodged in the screen material. If you would like a free quote on your home window washing and screen cleaning needs please feel free to call Ted Gardner of Dynamic Cleaning Solutions in Ithaca, NY at (607) 351-8906 Taday!

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