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What to look for in window cleaner. Ithaca, NY.

when looking for a professional window cleaning business to clean the windows of your homme you want the best that your money can buy. in this article we will discuss some basic tips that will ensure that you will have the cleanest windows in town and it will be done by a very reliable service professional. The first thing you should look for in a service providing window cleaning would be that they have up to date and required insurance. This will let you know that any accidents are covered and that the prospective company is legit. Second inquire about the companies service area. a company that reaches out to many counties or even is franchise owned may not provide that same measure of detail or personal customer servive that you will find in a locally owned small business. Third find our what type of window cleaning the company specializes in or what type they do the most of. The company that focuses their work on residential window cleaning will be more service oriented as well as being familiar with cleaning around obsticles such as furnishings and outdoor items. At Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY. 90% of pur work is residential and just 10% is commecial. So although having expeeriance in the full spectrum of window washing we know exactly what a homeowner want and deserves when it comes to having clea windows. we pride ourselves on being customer freindly all the time seeking the best interest of the homeowner. Why? because that pur best interest as well. If your looking for a good window cleaner and are looking for more tips to help choose on feel free to give Ted of Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of ithaca, NY. a call!
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