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Solar panel cleaning Ithaca, NY

Aleternative energy like that of solar electric are gaining in popularity. Even in the more nothern hemisphere in area where the sun is out as often, yet solar energy seems to still have great benefits for homeowners and businesses alike. Many comapnies that sell and install solar equipment will convey the idea that cleaning solar panels is not necessary, thay may say that the panel are cleaned by the rain that their expossed to. Well thats simply not true. The best way to demonstrate this is by thinking of a car that has sat out in a field for months or even years. Of course if we imagine that cars windsheild it would be filthy. The moisture from morning dew along with the rain would actually cause small debris and air particals like pollen, road dust, etc. to cover the windsheild quite heavily. In addition bird droppings and leaves may also be an issue. A heavy rain may to some degree help in rinsing the panels but certainly not enough to keep your solar panels working at their best efficientcy. Based on solar panel sizes as they often are paired with two or more can make it somewhat difficult to clean. We have found that the most effective way to clean the panels is by way of water fed pole technologies. Using pure water to brush away debris and leave the panel with a spot free rinse is the very best method for keeping them clean and at their best performance. If you woud like a free quote or more information on solar panel cleaning in the Ithaca, NY area please call Ted of Dynamic Cleaning Solutions at (607) 351-8906.

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