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Pure water window washing. Ithaca, NY 14850

Pure water window washing Ithaca, NY Pure water window washing is a fairly new technology for window washing. It proves to be most useful in conditions where the windows are at a high placement or in a difficult area to reach with a ladder. Pure water window cleaning also proves to be beneficial on window cleaning jobs where there is a lot of debris that is present on window frames and sashes. Water fed poles utilize brushed that are able to lightly scrub away stuck on debris better than using a manual dry brush from a ladder. Why? Because while the scrubbing action is performed pure water is fed through jets that continually rinse the brush head and also the surface being cleaned. In many applications pure water cleaning can be quicker and thereby more affordable. Water fed poles using pure water are not only good for cleaning windows but also solar panels. Solar panel cleaning with pure water protects the solar panels from potential damage as the brushes used are softer than many scrub & squeegee bars, also the glass of the solar panel surface in not totally smooth but has a slightly textured surface which means that using a squeegee may not be very effective as the squeegee need to glide across a smooth surface in order to remove all the dirt. Pure water brushes will remove all the dirt and debris because the bristles are able to get to every high and low spot of the solar panel surface. If you would like a free estimate from a company that uses pure water window washing technology call Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY today.

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