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Pure Water Window Cleaning benefits Ithaca, NY

What is the benefit of pure water window cleaning. Well you may be wondering what is pre water window cleaning and is pure water window cleaning right for your windows? We will answer those questions in this article. Pure water window washing is done by using a soft bristles brush with a flow of water that has been prified to remove all the impurities In most home the water ourt of the tap has a reading of 150 to 350 TDS which is the total disolved solids ( particles, minerals, etc ) So again in a pure water system the water is filtered to bring it to 0 TDS. Why is this necessary? to demonstarte if you spash water onto your window you will notice once it dries that there will be spotting that will appear. This is due to the minerals that are left behind. With pure water technology therare no spots you are left with a spot free rinse. So the technique is that the windows are scrubbed wth the brush whle at the same time being rinsed with pure water which leaves a spot free rinse. This really is the best clean you can get for the window cleaning application why? Because while squeegee cleaning cleans the glass a pure water system is able to scrub and rinse the window frames and sashes. So would this be right for window cleaning needs? Do you have high windows or window that are difficult reaching even with a ladder? If so a pure water system using a water fed pole ay be the right technique for you. Are your winndow frames and sahes covered in cobb webs, dirt and debris? Again this is easily removed with pure water water fed pole technology. If your interested in know ing more please contact Ted of Dynamic Cleaning Solutions Ithaca, NY today we'd love to help you to decide whats right for you.

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