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No Contracts

We know you’re busy; you’ve got plenty of other things on your plate. We understand that, which is why we offer window cleaning programs that allow you sign up once and then forget about it. Not only does this allow you to keep your windows clean with very little thought on your end, but you also save money.

Here’s a taste of what our Annual Programs* offer!

Weekly- 30% off
Bi-Weekly- 30% off
Monthly- 25% off
Quarterly- 20% off
Semi-Annually 10% off
Remember, the “Rainy Day Guarantee” applies to all residential annual programs!!!

Simply call us or get an online bid, and you will be able to “pre-bid” your home. This will give you virtually a perfect idea of what it would cost you and how convenient our annual programs really are. You won’t have to think about whether your windows are clean, it will be automatically done for you!

*All annual program discounts are for maitenance cleans after the initial cleaning. Discounts apply to subsequent cleanings.