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Most Affordable Window Cleaning. Ithaca, NY 14850

Most Affordable Window Cleaning. Ithaca, NY 14850 Home owners and business owners alike are interested in keeping their properties clean and attractive for the public. But many hesitate to hire a professional to clean their windows on a regular basis. They may feel that it must be too expensive or that it’s just not worth it. Believe it or not window cleaning can be very affordable, In fact on average homeowners in the Ithaca, NY area spend about $5.00 per window, the low end being $3.00 and a high end of about $7.00. Commercial window cleaning is done at and even more affordable price at around $1.00 per pane. Why? That’s because most commercial window cleaning accounts are set on a very regular schedule so due to the frequency the cost to the consumer can be dropped. Home owners tend to have their windows cleaned either in a yearly basis or every six months. Homeowner who are interested in a more affordable rate for their window cleaning needs can set up a schedule for cleaning which can lend itself to savings. Window cleaning can also be affordable if for example a homeowner has the exterior and interior of windows cleaned in the spring and the exterior cleaned in the fall or vice versa. This is a good way to keep you window glass bug free and looking great and also cutting down on overall cost. If you’re looking for a Window Cleaning company that is known for the most affordable rates give dynamic cleaning solutions of Ithaca, NY a call.

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