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Ithaca, NY Tips for Cleaning Windows

Windows, windows, windows, we all like to enjoy a clear view from our windows all year long. The only downside is keeping them clean. Cleaning windows can be time consuming and frustrating. So here are a few tips from Dynamic Cleaning Solutions to help you clean your windows with less effort and better results. Tip #1 using a firm bristled brush or a brush vacuum attachment remove the heavier dust, debris and cob webs that may exist. Tip #2 using a heavily dampened towel wipe the dirt from surface of glass, try to do this lightly and try not to rub towel in a circular motion as this may result in the dirt scratching the glass’ surface. Tip #2 If your using a squeegee make sure that the glass is not hot and exposed to direct sunlight this will dry the cleaning solution to fast causing streaking. Tip #3 When using a squeegee don’t press too hard, it takes very little effort to remove debris from windows when held in suspension by your window cleaning solution. Tip #4 be careful of what cleaning solution you use. Picking a cleaner that is designed to clean window will work best other products such as Dawn dish soap or Ecover natural dish detergent work great too. Tip #5 if all else fails call a professional. If it seem like to much trouble give a professional window cleaner a call like Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY, we would be glad to help you at your next windows cleaning project whether at your home or office building were there for you.

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