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How to wash windows. Ithaca, NY

This article will discuss how to wash windows with perfect streak fre, crystal clear results. We - Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY would like to help you to get yur windows at their best with much less effort than you may have experienced before. First thin you will need to do is to get rid of the paper towels roll and windex spray bottle. Next spend a few dollars on a squeegee, you may be able to find a fairly good squeegee at your local hardware store or better yet online. The important thing concerning the squeegee is the rubber blade, it must be free of any imperfections and made of a slighty soft rubber. This will alow for the squeegee to glide across the glass well and for it to gather all the dirt and debris thats been lifted with your cleaning solution. The next things to have would be a bucket to hold the cleaning solution of your choice in as well as a scrubber bar often called a t-bar. A scrubber bar will be used to spply the cleaning solution to the glass and simultaneously lift the stuck on dirt from off the glass. Here are a list of steps. 1. take your scrubber bar that has been moistened heavily with your window cleaning solution and firmly press it against the glass running it across the glass surface until you have full covered the surface with the cleaning agent. 2. Now using your squeegee begin at the upper corner of either side and glide the squeegee blade across the glass surface. 3. Continue this step completing this motion until you have reached the bottom. 4. Check your work. you may have left a few drips of wet spots along the way so a lint free and absorbant towel should be used to remove and potential spots. 5. Enjoy! take a look at your sparkling clean glass. If your interested in knowing more or would liketo have a professional give you an accurate estimate for your window cleaning job, give Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY call. we'd love to wash your windows and we 100% guarantee our work!

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