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How to remove paint from a window. Ithaca, NY 14850

How to remove paint from a window. Ithaca, NY 14850 Have you just had a recent remodel done on your home? If so you may have seen that the paint that belonged on the surface of you siding or interior wall somehow ended up on the surface of you beautiful picture windows. Here’s a few tips on how to remove paint and other stuck on stains from the glass surface of your windows. First thing, do not just grab a razor blade and start scraping and even worst do not use a spackle knife. Both of these tool when used improperly can damage your windows surface greatly. What you first want to do is try and use a liquid paint remove like GOOF OFF and a soft cloth or a dish sponge. If this method doesn’t work immediately keep at it for a few minutes, products that use solvents work better when given time to break down stains like paint. If this technique just won’t work you can remove the paint by using a new razor blade first wet the window with a soap and water mix then putting the razor blade flat against the glass move in a smooth motion being sure to gently place and lift the blade on and off the window surface. In some cases windows have been over sprayed by airless painting, if this has occurred you windows may literally covered in minute paint spots which means lots of work. If you’d like to relax while this tedious work is professionally accomplished the right way Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY will gladly help remove paint spots from you window surfaces.

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