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How to clean windows like a pro. Ithaca, NY

Its best practice to have your windows cleaned twice a year unfortuneatly many home owners dont have that kind of time. but learning professional methods for window washing can greatly shorten the time spent cleaning windows which may allow any average home owner to do a great job in a much shorter period of time. Most people are familiar with cleaning windows by grabbing a couple of rolls of paper towels and some windex. this method proves to be time consuming, paper wasting and frustrating when you end up still seeing streaks.Professionals like Dynamic Cleaning Solutions primarily use the tried and true squeegee method. To be very efficient and fast like a pro it does take quite a bit of practice but it can be done. Most window cleaning items can be found at larger box hardware store like home depot or lowes. items you will need; squeegee, lint free towels and window cleaning solution concentrate ( some people like to use a mix of water and a bit of dawn dish soap). the benefit of using this method is that you will no longer be smearing the dirt around with a paper towel hoping to remove most of it, but you will be able to quickly bring the dirt into suspension with the cleaning solution and then pushing it of the glass with the squeegee. If you would like more information on cleaaning  the glass of your home like a pro please give Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY a call!
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