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How often should I clean my windows? Ithaca, NY.

Many people often wonder how often they should have their windows cleaned. many factors are involved. The windows may be exposed to alot of debris from trees, like pollen leaves etc. Also bugs and weather play their role in dirtying upĀ  your windows. Most people like their windows cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. Just like anything else keeping up on the maintenance of the windows makes it much easier. Interestingly clean windows regularly can add a great deal of light this is especially important to those who live in the more northern hemisphere where several months out of the year the sun seems to take vacation. Most home owners will clean there windows every year and they will usually use the windex and paper towel method this may seem to be effective but there's a whole lot of elbow grease and wasted paper involved. Its best to schedule annual window cleaning with a professional commpany like Dynamic Cleaning Solutions. Adding to the importace of keeping a good schedule of professional window cleaning is the noticable difference, some home owners have notice hard water deposits like calcium build up that actaully totally impedes the ability to see out there windows. we offer what is called the rainy day guarantee that guarantee's your window will keep there shine long after were done with the cleaning. For more information on setting up a yearly window cleaning at your home by our service professionals contact Ted at Dynamic Cleaning Solutions in Ithaca, NY. We'll look forward to hearing from you!

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