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Commercial window cleaning cost in Ithaca, NY

Many business owners are often curious about the cost associated with window washing at their business location and if its worth it. The cost of window cleaning in a commercial setting is quite low comapared to that of residential window cleaning. Typically the cost for commercial window cleaning will depend on frequency, glass size, number of panes, the local market and height or number of stories. It's safe to say that most commercial glass cleaning at ground level will cost between $0.75 to $2.00 per pane. Just think the windows of your office space or store can be cleaned for the cost just a few dollars a month and it's worry free. Having sparkling clean windows is the first thing customers and clients will notice about your business. It really speaks volumes about what type of business you run. Having a routine cleaning of your businesses windows will truly beautify your office or commecial space. Depending on location, traffic and other circummstances many business have bi-weekly or even monthly scheduled cleanings. Often the windows can be cleaned on the exterior more often and the interior less in order to save on cost. Professional Window cleaners like Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of ithaca, NY would be happy to give free estimates for you businesses window cleaning needs. Dynamic Cleaning Solutions offers customizable scheduling to fit your needs and also offers incentives like 10% savings from your current cleaner or quoted cost. We use the best products on the market as well as the newest technologies for the quickest, crystal clear clean. Call Dynamic Cleaning Solutions for all your window cleaning needs in Ithaca, NY.
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