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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning in Ithaca, NY 14850

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning in Ithaca, NY 14850 Commercial solar panel cleaning in Ithaca, NY and surrounding areas. Has your facility taken advantage of the free sustainable energy that you commercial building uses? Have you wondered if it’s necessary to have you solar panels cleaned? Sustainable energy is a great way to save big money over a period of time and there are incentives that motivate many to take their first steps in this direction. When speaking with sales and installation representatives of solar electric companies many will say that there is no need to worry about cleaning your panels, their claim is that the rain will rinse them clean, there are some though who recognize the need and see fit to make the potential solar client aware of this. So do solar panels really need cleaning? Let’s take for example a vehicle, if left alone in a parking lot for a few months what will the windshield begin to look like. Of course this is a no brainer. It would begin to dull and as dust, pollen and debris starts to collect that window will become hard to see through. So the same is true with solar panels. Ran will rinse some dust away but not totally and wet panels mean that more dust, pollen and debris will adhere to the solar panels surface. A routine cleaning is best for keeping 100% efficiency. If you would like a free estimate and demonstration for your next commercial solar panel cleaning project give Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Ithaca, NY a call today.

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